High Alchemy Calculator for RS3


Some items have a Grand Exchange buying limit which restricts to a certain quantity every 4 hours.

High Alchemy is a level 55 magic spell used to convert items into coins, which yields up to 78k magic xp/h
(1 Alch every 3 seconds, 1200 casts per hour at 65 magic experience per cast)

Please Note : No demand feature is available for RS3, as such items may be inactive.

Prices are gathered from the RS3 GE API.

Nature Rune price :

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Item Buy Alch Value Difference
(Incl Nature Rune)
Last Updated GE Restriction Members Date
Blessed spirit shield832,427840,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:57:40
Spined helm32,20236,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:19:05
Granite legs35,92639,60019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:54:15
Dragon gauntlets26,64930,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:53:26
Farseer helm43,66846,80020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:45:57
Dragonstone bracelet8,37111,47520 hours agot2022-09-24 00:42:53
Dragon longsword56,91860,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:03:23
Mystic earth staff22,49625,50020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:49:01
Air battlestaff6,3999,30020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:47:56
Mystic water staff22,60125,50020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:49:11
Mystic fire staff22,64625,50020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:49:06
Earth battlestaff6,4509,3001 day agot2022-09-23 00:48:24
Mystic air staff22,65825,50020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:48:55
Combat bracelet9,81512,6251 week agot2022-09-17 00:42:33
Dragon helm57,19860,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:53:31
Water battlestaff6,5549,30020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:50:00
Dragonstone ring7,87610,5751 week agot2022-09-13 06:43:56
Onyx bolts (e)6,3059,00020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:16:28
Dragonstone necklace8,33811,02520 hours agot2022-09-24 00:42:53
Berserker helm44,12046,80019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:53:10
Skills necklace9,47812,1206 days agot2022-09-18 00:44:05
Fire battlestaff6,6749,30020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:48:28
Black dragonhide shield8,27810,7831 day agot2022-09-23 01:17:17
Royal dragonhide body9,11011,5202 days agot2022-09-22 01:21:42
Dragon mace27,61230,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:03:28
Onyx bolts5,8608,17920 hours agot2022-09-24 00:16:28
Dwarven helmet33,75836,0003 weeks agot2022-09-02 06:49:28
Granite shield31,41333,60019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:54:20
Dragon spear35,26537,44019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:03:39
Ring of Wealth8,42110,57520 hours agot2022-09-24 00:44:08
TzHaar-Ket-Om27,85630,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:05:59
Warrior helm44,65646,80019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:57:02
Splitbark body24,96027,00020 hours agof2022-09-24 00:47:18
Red dragonhide body4,8186,7384 days agot2022-09-20 07:13:06
Helm of neitiznot28,24430,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:54:31
Granite helm25,96627,6002 weeks agot2022-09-05 00:54:06
Regen bracelet119,582121,20020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:44:03
Splitbark helm4,4446,0001 day agof2022-09-23 00:47:19
Proselyte cuisse4,4826,0001 month agot2022-08-12 01:14:51
Initiate hauberk4,5196,0001 week agot2022-09-11 01:14:40
Black dragonhide body6,6308,0882 days agot2022-09-22 01:20:04
Dragon platelegs160,634162,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:53:37
Proselyte tasset4,6646,0005 months agot2022-04-04 01:13:58
Initiate cuisse3,4664,8001 week agot2022-09-13 01:14:40
Lava battlestaff8,90310,2002 days agot2022-09-22 00:50:49
Proselyte hauberk5,9567,2001 month agot2022-08-09 01:14:47
Proselyte sallet3,6594,8002 days agot2022-09-22 01:17:53
Initiate sallet2,6343,6001 week agot2022-09-16 01:14:34
Spirit shield41,04842,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:56:35
Green dragonhide body3,8664,6801 day agof2022-09-23 01:18:00
Blue dragonhide body4,9195,61619 hours agof2022-09-24 01:17:27
Light mystic robe bottom5,4216,0001 week agof2022-09-16 00:46:14
Leaf-bladed sword40,23740,80019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:04:11
Dragon dagger17,50618,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:03:17
Magic shieldbow1,0711,53619 hours agof2022-09-24 01:20:26
Black dragonhide vambraces2,2462,5922 days agot2022-09-22 01:20:04
Red dragonhide vambraces1,8982,1601 day agot2022-09-23 01:18:43
Dragon arrow2384801 day agot2022-09-23 00:14:34
Fremennik cloak421952 weeks agot2022-09-07 00:22:37
Hand cannon shot1523006 days agot2022-09-18 00:13:13
Red spiky vambraces2,0122,1603 weeks agot2022-09-01 01:18:29
Pirate leggings (white)652105 months agot2022-04-15 00:23:09
Compost mound pouch8159592 weeks agot2022-09-05 00:28:04
Fremennik cloak641954 months agot2022-05-23 00:22:25
Pirate leggings (brown)812103 months agot2022-06-13 00:23:28
Fremennik boots1813006 days agot2022-09-18 00:22:36
Premade spicy crunchies1092228 months agot2022-01-10 00:34:35
Desert wyrm pouch8349291 week agot2022-09-16 00:28:10
Antipoison (1)821736 days agot2022-09-18 01:09:28
Ochre snelm (pointed)1051802 months agot2022-07-13 00:52:11
Myre snelm (pointed)1081802 months agot2022-07-21 00:52:07
Geyser Titan scroll (Boil)2873582 days agot2022-09-22 01:30:09
Steel Minotaur scroll (Steel Bull Rush)1682364 months agot2022-05-15 07:27:53
Phoenix scroll (Rise From the Ashes)2322981 year agot2021-07-17 01:27:50
Spirit Cockatrice scroll (Petrifying Gaze)971576 months agot2022-03-26 01:26:46
Bloated Leech scroll (Blood Drain)1402001 month agot2022-08-13 01:27:02
Forge Regent scroll (Inferno)1762368 months agot2022-01-01 01:25:28
Bronze Minotaur scroll (Bronze Bull Rush)1191782 weeks agot2022-09-05 07:20:38
Honey Badger scroll (Insane Ferocity)921518 months agot2021-12-30 06:20:24
Praying Mantis scroll (Mantis Strike)2232771 year agot2021-06-15 01:28:56
Yew shieldbow7157685 days agof2022-09-19 07:15:26
Spirit Jelly scroll (Dissolve)1982513 months agot2022-06-04 01:27:14
Magpie scroll (Thieving Fingers)1041571 month agot2022-08-11 01:27:16
Stranger Plant scroll (Poisonous Blast)1682171 month agot2022-08-15 01:27:47
Pack Yak scroll (Winter Storage)2933415 days agot2022-09-19 07:21:54
Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash)47929 months agot2021-12-26 01:25:22
Fremennik cloak1511951 year agot2021-07-17 00:21:36
Granite Lobster scroll (Crushing Claw)2302741 month agot2022-08-22 01:27:11
Iron Minotaur scroll (Iron Bull Rush)1692124 months agot2022-05-03 01:26:02
Oil lantern frame12541 year agot2021-09-12 00:25:29
Macaw scroll (Herbcall)1011421 month agot2022-08-25 01:29:27
Compost Mound scroll (Generate Compost)55954 months agot2022-05-18 01:26:06
Evil Turnip scroll (Evil Flames)1411811 year agot2021-07-13 01:26:29
Spirit Scorpion scroll (Venom Shot)711107 months agot2022-02-19 01:29:39
Wolpertinger scroll (Magic Focus)2923297 months agot2022-02-03 01:27:11
Bunyip scroll (Swallow Whole)1531902 weeks agot2022-09-07 01:26:07
Ibis scroll (Fish Rain)1511887 months agot2022-02-05 01:26:06
Barbed bolts861205 months agof2022-04-27 00:15:08
Hydra scroll (Regrowth)18421719 hours agot2022-09-24 01:27:05
Spirit tz-kih pouch1,1821,2141 month agot2022-08-25 00:29:17
Myre snelm1481802 weeks agot2022-09-07 00:52:03
Spirit Tz-Kih scroll (Fireball Assault)941218 months agot2022-01-20 01:29:21
Lobster1391602 days agof2022-09-22 00:36:24
Broken bark snelm (round)1601805 months agot2022-04-08 06:45:49
Beaver scroll (Multichop)1141334 months agot2022-05-27 01:25:51
Tiara mould42601 month agof2022-08-17 01:31:08
Granite Crab scroll (Stony Shell)20351 year agot2021-07-25 01:26:00
Tatty graahk fur516411 months agot2021-10-11 00:40:51
Thorny Snail scroll (Slime Spray)26388 months agot2022-01-01 01:26:39
Dreadfowl pouch3623744 days agof2022-09-20 06:24:33
Spirit Graahk scroll (Goad)2442561 year agot2021-06-15 01:29:08
Guthix rest (1)19304 months agot2022-05-11 01:10:01
Swamp paste9181 month agot2022-08-18 01:30:48
Ochre snelm (round)1731802 weeks agot2022-09-05 00:52:24
Tatty kyatt fur82865 months agot2022-04-27 00:41:06
Unfired pot lid262 weeks agot2022-09-08 00:27:21
Sapphire bolt tips29315 days agof2022-09-19 00:32:14
Juju vial131 week agot2022-09-17 00:37:36
Tuna71721 day agof2022-09-23 00:36:20
Ravenous Locut scroll (Famine)14214311 months agot2021-10-23 01:26:18
Turquoise robe bottoms1081081 year agot2021-05-23 00:24:25
Spirit Mosquito scroll (Pester)28261 year agot2021-07-10 01:26:46
Unfinished broad bolts33301 month agot2022-08-24 00:32:17
Yew shortbow (u)24324020 hours agof2022-09-24 00:32:45
Juju vial of water961 month agot2022-08-21 00:37:45
Unfired plant pot411 year agot2021-09-21 00:26:03
Fishing bait721 month agof2022-08-20 01:29:09
Basket611 month agot2022-08-19 01:30:18
Turquoise robe top1161088 months agot2022-01-03 05:20:39
Spirit shards24151 year agof2021-09-14 06:06:50
Steel brutal21125 months agot2022-04-09 00:13:35
Earth rune20102 days agof2022-09-22 01:26:06
Ground guam1111 month agot2022-08-07 00:07:14
Ground seaweed1216 months agot2022-03-04 00:07:00
Emerald bolt tips43322 days agof2022-09-22 00:32:54
Dreadfowl scroll (Dreadfowl Strike)48371 week agof2022-09-14 07:20:56
Bull Ant scroll (Unburden)52413 months agot2022-06-01 01:25:52
Spirit Terrorbird scroll (Tireless Run)54431 month agot2022-08-24 01:28:25
Eye of newt1321 day agof2022-09-23 00:37:14
Albino Rat scroll (Cheese Feast)1491379 months agot2021-12-06 06:19:53
Mind rune1521 day agof2022-09-23 01:23:46
Steel arrow2071 week agof2022-09-16 00:15:17
Carved oak bench2064 months agot2022-05-05 00:17:38
Opal bolts51361 week agof2022-09-13 00:16:23
Thread1712 days agof2022-09-22 01:34:32
Pitta bread2267 months agot2022-02-24 05:30:38
Air rune26104 days agof2022-09-20 07:16:52
Iron brutal2368 months agot2022-01-06 00:12:52
Skewer stick2362 months agot2022-06-30 01:30:19
Trading sticks1813 weeks agot2022-08-29 01:31:21
Thatch spar (medium)2795 months agot2022-04-21 01:31:16
Teak kitchen table2663 weeks agot2022-08-29 00:18:59
Bronze nails2111 week agof2022-09-16 00:16:54
Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl)56351 day agof2022-09-23 01:28:01
Arrow shaft2311 day agof2022-09-23 00:31:10
Jade bolt tips2645 days agof2022-09-19 06:28:03
Iron javelin2641 month agof2022-08-05 00:13:13
Carved oak table2861 day agot2022-09-23 00:18:00
Giant Ent scroll (Acorn Missile)2352113 months agot2022-06-24 01:26:23
Bag of salt3162 weeks agot2022-09-04 01:28:31
Thatch spar (light)3165 months agot2022-04-09 07:34:42
Barb bolttips82571 month agot2022-08-12 00:30:57
Barker Toad scroll (Toad Bark)72411 month agot2022-08-18 01:26:19
Gardening trowel3971 month agof2022-08-13 01:30:05
Opal bolts (e)3742 months agot2022-06-28 06:13:07
Iron arrow46121 day agof2022-09-23 00:14:50
Iron nails3824 days agof2022-09-20 06:13:27
Ruby bolt tips73332 days agof2022-09-22 00:33:43
Blue dragonhide vambraces1,8441,8001 day agof2022-09-23 01:17:33
Pearl bolts111661 month agof2022-08-25 00:16:26
Opal bolt tips5242 days agof2022-09-22 00:33:32
Salmon783020 hours agof2022-09-24 00:35:55
Iron dart5314 weeks agof2022-08-27 00:13:19
Bronze arrow55120 hours agof2022-09-24 00:14:35
Thatch spar (dense)68121 month agot2022-08-11 01:31:57
Arctic Bear scroll (Arctic Blast)103467 months agot2022-02-17 01:32:11
Oak armchair6461 month agot2022-08-25 00:18:35
Bronze dart tip6012 weeks agof2022-09-04 00:31:03
Pearl bolt tips96344 days agof2022-09-20 06:28:24
Oak chair6864 days agot2022-09-20 06:14:58
Iron dart tip6621 week agof2022-09-11 00:31:36
Willow stock97314 weeks agof2022-08-27 00:32:25
Steel nails7021 day agof2022-09-23 00:17:33
Herring77920 hours agof2022-09-24 00:34:34
Spirit Dagannoth scroll (Spike Shot)96261 month agot2022-08-21 01:27:55
Pike94151 week agof2022-09-16 00:35:05
Bronze knife8314 days agof2022-09-20 06:09:14
Maple shortbow (u)2021205 days agof2022-09-19 00:31:47
Archery ticket98151 day agot2022-09-23 01:28:28
Toktz-xil-ul2351504 days agot2022-09-20 06:10:29
Flax9131 day agof2022-09-23 00:26:18
Egg whisk118302 weeks agot2022-09-09 01:00:37
Chaos rune1465419 hours agof2022-09-24 01:22:52
Bronze javelin10022 weeks agof2022-09-09 00:12:51
Anchovies11494 days agof2022-09-20 06:29:13
Calquat keg11413 months agot2022-06-24 01:28:16
Gold amulet3252101 week agof2022-09-16 00:42:54
Unlit torch13521 week agot2022-09-16 01:30:50
Unstrung emblem2631206 months agot2022-03-06 00:43:40
Sardine15565 days agof2022-09-19 06:32:08
Green dragonhide vambraces1,6501,5002 days agof2022-09-22 01:20:53
Yanillian seed2731204 days agot2022-09-20 07:20:39
Maple logs2054819 hours agof2022-09-24 01:31:52
Moonlight mead (m)16031 month agot2022-08-03 00:34:43
Jute seed18031 day agot2022-09-23 01:25:24
Sweetcorn seed186519 hours agot2022-09-24 01:26:06
Pirate leggings (orange)39421010 months agot2021-11-05 00:22:59
Raw lobster35517020 hours agof2022-09-24 00:20:49
Hammerstone seed20011 day agof2022-09-23 01:25:13
Cabbage seed205219 hours agot2022-09-24 01:24:45
Willow shortbow (u)264601 week agof2022-09-13 06:33:50
Barley seed229222 days agof2022-09-22 01:27:44
Tomato seed216219 hours agot2022-09-24 01:26:11
Desert shirt239242 days agot2022-09-22 00:23:30
Jangerberry seed262361 day agot2022-09-23 01:25:24
Asgarnian seed23324 days agot2022-09-20 07:18:51
Raw tuna292601 day agof2022-09-23 00:20:53
Cooked chompy314784 days agot2022-09-20 06:29:57
Spirit wolf pouch6043591 day agof2022-09-23 00:29:38
Bird snare25134 days agof2022-09-20 06:35:33
Redberry seed25924 days agot2022-09-20 07:20:17
Poison ivy seed3641001 day agot2022-09-23 01:25:56
Orange tree seed284192 days agot2022-09-22 01:28:54
Cadavaberry seed27856 days agot2022-09-18 01:24:32
Whiteberry seed357802 days agot2022-09-22 01:29:21
Body tiara342603 weeks agof2022-08-28 01:21:20
Fremennik cloak4871952 months agot2022-07-17 00:22:35
Trout304121 day agof2022-09-23 00:36:20
Yew stock4061002 weeks agof2022-09-05 06:28:55
Krandorian seed31354 days agot2022-09-20 07:19:45
Thorny snail pouch6983893 weeks agot2022-08-28 00:29:33
Guam seed313219 hours agot2022-09-24 01:25:07
Steel limbs4691504 months agof2022-05-06 00:31:48
Spirit mosquito pouch5892692 weeks agot2022-09-07 00:29:22
Guthix balance (1)4431201 week agot2022-09-11 01:10:26
Tarromin seed32842 days agot2022-09-22 01:29:15
Dwellberry seed343154 days agot2022-09-20 07:19:08
Fremennik cloak5241951 year agot2021-02-07 00:25:01
Snape grass341620 hours agot2022-09-24 00:38:33
Marrentill seed34031 day agot2022-09-23 01:25:40
Potato seed339119 hours agof2022-09-24 01:25:55
Onion seed34121 day agof2022-09-23 01:25:51
Nasturtium seed35375 days agot2022-09-19 07:19:55
Ogre club4561081 month agot2022-08-24 01:01:36
Leaping salmon402302 weeks agot2022-09-05 00:37:48
Leaping trout388155 days agot2022-09-19 00:37:50
Smoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud)6282361 week agot2022-09-17 01:27:33
Fremennik cloak6011951 year agot2020-11-24 00:25:10
Fremennik cloak6151952 months agot2022-07-08 00:22:34
Lantern lens465425 days agot2022-09-19 00:26:38
Marigold seed42911 day agof2022-09-23 01:25:40
Sapphire amulet9755401 week agof2022-09-14 06:40:21
Apple tree seed444719 hours agot2022-09-24 01:24:34
Rosemary seed44222 days agot2022-09-22 01:29:04
Silk4651819 hours agof2022-09-24 01:30:53
Oak shortbow (u)480305 days agof2022-09-19 06:28:19
Iron hasta504542 weeks agot2022-09-04 01:01:03
Raw trout471121 day agof2022-09-23 00:20:53
Rock hammer7763005 days agot2022-09-19 07:24:47
Harralander seed49471 day agot2022-09-23 01:25:13
Green spiky vambraces2,0211,5009 months agot2021-12-18 01:16:40
Fremennik cloak72319512 months agot2021-09-26 00:21:35
Leather cowl552142 days agof2022-09-22 01:21:15
Blue spiky vambraces2,3451,8004 months agot2022-05-11 01:16:47
Pirate leggings (purple)7592101 day agot2022-09-23 00:23:46
Fremennik cloak7531954 months agot2022-05-02 00:22:03
Fremennik cloak7561952 days agot2022-09-22 00:23:52
Cosmic tiara626601 month agot2022-08-11 01:21:25
Barb-tail harpoon601211 day agot2022-09-23 01:28:39
Law tiara665601 month agot2022-08-07 07:17:16
Watermelon635292 days agot2022-09-22 00:38:07
Unpowered symbol7281201 month agot2022-08-11 00:44:25
Staff of water1,53090020 hours agof2022-09-24 00:49:44
Gold bracelet9613305 days agof2022-09-19 06:39:14
Woad seed64472 days agot2022-09-22 01:29:21
Staff of air1,5399001 day agof2022-09-23 00:49:40
Leather vambraces668111 day agof2022-09-23 01:18:22
Dark mystic robe top9,6599,0002 days agof2022-09-22 00:47:09
Willow logs6862419 hours agof2022-09-24 01:32:14
Green dragonhide chaps3,0092,3401 day agof2022-09-23 01:18:00
Steel warhammer1,1944993 years agof2019-01-04 00:54:27
Black spiky vambraces3,2882,5923 weeks agot2022-09-02 01:17:43
Pirate leggings (red)9142102 weeks agot2022-09-10 00:23:44
Pirate leggings (blue)9232103 weeks agot2022-08-31 00:23:47
Spirit scorpion pouch1,8421,1091 week agot2022-09-16 00:29:26
Bronze warhammer765282 days agof2022-09-22 01:02:50
Shortbow (u)768144 days agof2022-09-20 06:28:35
Tiara825601 day agof2022-09-23 01:22:31
Shield left half66,81066,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:56:29
Dragon plateskirt162,810162,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 00:53:48
Corrupt Morrigan's javelin1,4146001 week agot2022-09-13 06:14:19
Butterfly net8271220 hours agot2022-09-24 00:39:21
Raw anchovies82794 days agof2022-09-20 06:16:52
Fremennik cloak1,0621954 months agot2022-04-29 00:22:06
Gold amulet1,0892104 days agof2022-09-20 06:39:13
Unstrung symbol1,0351202 weeks agof2022-09-09 00:44:18
Teasing stick961301 day agot2022-09-23 00:40:28
Studded leather coif1,0741204 days agof2022-09-20 07:13:33
Steel plateskirt1,5566003 years agof2019-01-04 00:46:38
Inoculation brace2,5661,5361 week agot2022-09-16 00:43:10
Red dragonhide chaps4,1523,1086 days agot2022-09-18 01:18:30
Toktz-xil-ek16,06615,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:05:48
Steel chainbody1,5234503 years agof2019-01-03 00:46:31
Unblessed symbol1,2601201 month agof2022-08-17 00:44:31
Gold necklace1,4202702 days agof2022-09-22 00:44:45
Sapphire bracelet1,8576901 week agof2022-09-11 00:44:03
Raw pawya meat1,48630020 hours agot2022-09-24 00:41:53
Iron full helm1,299922 days agof2022-09-22 00:53:48
Iron spit1,259382 days agot2022-09-22 01:33:11
Emerald bracelet2,3199151 week agot2022-09-13 06:44:01
Mind helmet3,2491,8003 weeks agot2022-09-02 06:42:27
TzHaar-Ket-Em19,46118,00019 hours agot2022-09-24 01:05:54
Frying pan2,5309961 month agot2022-08-18 01:00:43
Skewer3,4851,9202 months agot2022-07-13 01:01:55
Sapphire amulet2,1205404 days agof2022-09-20 06:40:18
Steel hasta1,8171951 week agot2022-09-16 01:01:59
Black full helm2,4976341 day agof2022-09-23 00:50:50
Noose wand1,94722 days agof2022-09-22 00:41:42
Dark mystic robe bottom8,2666,0001 day agof2022-09-23 00:45:25
Black platebody4,6452,30420 hours agof2022-09-24 00:50:54
Beaver pouch3,7621,3341 day agot2022-09-23 00:28:06
Bronze platebody2,799962 days agof2022-09-22 00:53:20
Pirate leggings (grey)3,0072101 month agot2022-08-23 00:23:45
Bronze battleaxe3,055311 week agof2022-09-12 01:00:07
Iron platelegs3,3191681 day agof2022-09-23 00:51:50
Bronze plateskirt3,260481 week agof2022-09-13 06:51:41
Chaos boots5,1951,8001 week agot2022-09-13 00:44:53
Iron plateskirt3,8121684 days agof2022-09-20 06:47:16
Toktz-xil-ak27,90024,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:33:12
Rolling pin13,2008,64018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:32:23
Cyclopean helmet6,4611,8002 months agof2022-07-26 00:22:05
Bone spear5,1213606 days agot2022-09-18 01:00:16
Mind shield6,5701,8001 month agot2022-08-14 00:46:31
Mystic robe top14,1009,00018 hours agof2022-09-24 02:15:30
Iron warhammer5,3271041 day agof2022-09-23 01:01:19
Premade toad crunchies5,351485 days agot2022-09-19 06:31:46
Iron chainbody5,7101261 day agof2022-09-23 00:51:45
Mystic robe bottom11,6006,00018 hours agof2022-09-24 02:15:30
Granite maul36,60030,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:31:45
Meat tenderiser39,00024,90018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:32:06
Cleaver32,40015,36018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:31:08
Dagon'hai robe bottom70,80048,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:14:20
Dagon'hai robe top95,40072,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:14:20
Dragon scimitar84,50060,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:31:29
Light mystic robe top37,2009,00018 hours agof2022-09-24 02:15:19
Amulet of ranging76,20027,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:11:43
Toktz-ket-xil81,50027,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:24:58
Bandos hilt381,600300,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:33:44
Ancient staff259,50060,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:16:30
Enchanted robe1,200,00048,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:14:31
Dark bow1,900,00072,00018 hours agot2022-09-24 02:47:11