Changelog Please contact us with any issues or suggestions

[2018/11/18] Resolved bug around retrieving player details

Get in touch if you query a player and no data is returned

[2018/11/10] Update Combat Calc to be mobile friendly

[2018/04/03] Added Herblore for Profit

Includes profit for:

  • Unfinished Potions
  • Cleaning Herbs

Page to be extended

[2017/10/21] Added Herb Farming Calculator

[2017/10/20] Added Recharge Dragonstone to Lunar Calculator Page

[2017/09/03] Money Making - Magic Tablets

Added calculator for creating Magic Tablets with XP/GP per hour

  • Modifiable Tablets per hour

[2017/09/01] Money Making - Barrows

Added calculator for repairing Barrows items against NPC vs Player Repairs

  • Configurable against the Smithing Level entered

[2017/08/24] Money Making - Zahur

Added calculator for Zahur who cleans dirty herbs for 200gp ea and makes unfinished potions for 200gp ea provided the player has completed Easy/Medium and Hard Desert Diaries

[2017/08/22] Money Making - Wesley

Introduced new dropdown for future money making calculators.
First calculator is for Wesley, NPC who crushes items for 50gp

  • Let us know if any items are missing or any other calculators to include here!

[2017/08/20] Alch Calculator

Alch Calculator has been updated to include 3 new filters, Minimum Demand and Min/Max Profit.
Use these to further refine your searches to get the best item to alch!

[2017/08/08] Combat Calculator

Combat Calculator Page has been updated allow player lookup to quickly retrieve player stats

[2017/08/05] Calculators - Additional Logic around skill requirements

Calculators Page has been updated to indicate available actions + checkbox added to hide unavailable actions

  • This checkbox has also been implemented on the Farming Run Calculator

[2017/07/29] Lunar Page Extended

Lunars Calculator has been updated to include Bake Pie, Superglass Make and Spin Flax

  • In the process, these casts have been added to the Magic Calculator within the Skill Calculators Page

[2017/07/22] New tools added

Sapling Calculator has been added to the tools dropdown allowing you to calculate profit/loss for making saplings

  • Saplings per hour is configurable to allow you to calculate profit /ph

Lunars Calculator has been updated to include String Jewellery

Humidify Clay has been added to the Magic Calculator

[2017/07/18] Bug Fixes

Corrected order on Farming Run Calculator

  • Now listing main item at the top, followed by secondary items

Added icon to tools dropdown to indicate dropdown in side menu

[2017/07/16] Changelog introduced

New features, data changes and important bug fixes will be listed on this page

[2017/07/15] New tools added

Lunars Calculator has been added to the tools dropdown, containing Plank Make and Tan Leather

  • Planks per hour and Casts per hour is adjustable to calculate xp/ph and profit/ph

Farming Run Calculator has been added to the tools dropdown

  • Provides the ability to calculate how many runs are required for a level
  • Configurable to include/exclude Farmer Payment and Products (e.g. Tree roots)

[2017/07/14] Skill Data Updated

Magic calculator now includes Plank Make and Tan leather