[Item#2366] Shield left half The left half of a dragon square shield.

  • Members: Yes
  • Tradeable: Yes
Current Price:
High Alchemy:
Low Alchemy:
Obtained from:
Legends' Guild Shop of Useful Items for 110000gp
Daily Price Changes
March 18th, 2018 65,629gp
March 17th, 2018 65,515gp
March 16th, 2018 65,704gp
March 15th, 2018 65,365gp
March 14th, 2018 65,405gp
March 13th, 2018 65,307gp
Current Guide Price: 64,757gp
3 days 65,365gp
1 week 65,637gp
4 weeks 65,537gp
3 months 65,146gp
1 year 74,001gp